First Year of Business is in the Books for Bianchi Productions!

1 year

My, what a year it’s been! To be honest, time has really flown so I had to look at our first official Instagram post to pick an anniversary date.  June 20th, 2017 it was. While I knew starting my own business wasn’t going to be easy, I had no idea a year ago how many ups and downs there would be, sometimes even daily. That said, I absolutely LOVE what I do and have no doubt that starting Bianchi Productions was the right decision. I’m extremely optimistic about the future and know this is just the first of many anniversaries our company will be celebrating. Woo hoo!

Here is a look at some of the incredible events we’ve been a part of thus far.

Our first official event took place in July of 2017. It was a wedding at the Oviatt Penthouse in Downtown LA for a former colleague from the Australian Consulate and his beautiful bride. This amazing art deco venue served as the perfect backdrop for their rooftop ceremony and reception.  Fun fact, it’s rumored Marylin Monroe and JFK used to rendezvous at this location.  Scandalous!

Oviatt-Penthouse-Wedding-Photos-Oksana-Matt-578  tables

After that was a freelance gig working on the 2017 Emmys Governors Ball and a milestone birthday for a friend and fellow Le Tip member at Malibu Cafe. If you haven’t been to this family-friendly Country Kitchen and Bar in the Malibu hills, be sure to add it to your list! Four-legged friends are welcome too 🙂

Red carpet ready with one of my dearest friends ❤

Speaking of Le Tip, this was the first professional networking organization I ever joined as an entreprenuer, and I’m so glad I did. Besides making fantastic business connections, now I get to have breakfast with energetic, like-minded professionals once a week and have new forever friends because of it. Be sure to comment below if you want a fun fact about one of the deciding factors for going with this particular organization. You won’t be sorry, I promise.

President of Le Tip of Calabasas, Devre Ross, Ross & Ross Law and Mandy Bianchi

Next up was a “Mommy’s Night Out” fundraiser for the 501c3 charity Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse (STS) we did in partnership with The Nanny League (TNL). TNL is an elite placement agency matching high-profile families with college educated nannies. STS is a vital organization whose mission is to expose and stop child sexual abuse and help survivors heal worldwide. For more information, click here.

During the event, guests enjoyed salon pampering, shopping, delicious food, plenty of drinks and a performance by the talented and hilarious Mommy Tonk. All proceeds raised went to STS and we were honored to be a part of this critical cause.

mommys night out-127
Food provided by Kensington Catering, Hosted by WeVillage, Photo by Robin Randolph Photography
mommys night out-53
Robyn Rhodes Jewelry, Photo by Robin Randolph Photography
mommys night out-67
Bird & Vine Clothing, Photo by Robin Randolph Photography
mommys night out-209.jpg
From left: Maria Sanson, Amy Davidson, Lindsay Thomason (Founder & Owner of The Nanny League), Willa Ford and Mandy Bianchi (Founder & Owner of Bianchi Productions). Photo by Robin Randolph Photography

Five days later we did an 800-person film screening and after party for Sony Music/Legacy Recordings, promoting the release of the Michael Jackson Estate’s latest album: Scream. Looking back, this is one of my favorite events as it involves both entertainment AND music, two of my biggest passions and the reason I moved out to LA.


Emcee for the evening, Nick Cannon on the red carpet.

In addition to the array of events from the first few months, we’ve also managed Holiday Mixers, Grand Openings, Coaching Conferences, Fashion Shows, Galas, and an American Idol Wrap Party to name a few. The momentum is continuing to build, and this June has by far been our busiest month yet.

Image by Marvin Steindler (
Ribbon Cutting and Spring Fashion Show for Inspired by Yolanda Marie.
grand opening.jpg
A-1 Wholesale Flooring Grand Opening, Photo by Marvin Steindler
Conejo Players Theatre 60th Anniversary Gala
2018 American Idol Finale

Looking ahead to year two, we have some exciting things coming up: a re-vamped website and new video series  premiering this Fall, for starters. I can’t wait to bring these to fruition and know I couldn’t do it without the support of so many wonderful people in my life. Thank you so much to everyone who has been a part of making this dream possible. From former bosses and colleagues, to new friends, partners and clients, your support and encouragement has been amazing.

thank you.jpg

And to the village who help at home so I can pursue this dream, THANK YOU doesn’t even begin to cover it. None of this would be possible without you and I am forever grateful for all that you do. Special shot out to the hubs, one of the best humans I know and an AMAZING FATHER who helps hold down the fort while I’m out building an empire. That’s right, I said it!

While we look forward to continued growth and new business opportunities, Bianchi Productions’ mission remains the same: to spread love, light and positivity by creating memorable and meaningful events. Cheers!


Written by: Mandy Bianchi, Founder of Bianchi Productions



Author: Bianchi Productions

Bianchi Productions is a boutique event planning company run by Founder and Producer Mandy Bianchi. Our mission is to spread love, light and positivity by creating memorable and meaningful events. To learn more about Bianchi Productions, please visit our website:

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  1. Congratulations on fulfilling your dream Mandy!
    It takes courage, passion and a lot of hard work to start a business, so proud of you lovely lady!


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