Rock Your Mojo Women’s Weekend Event Recap

deborah kLast weekend I had the honor of managing the Rock Your Mojo Women’s Weekend (RYMWW), led by entrepreneur extraordinaire, Ms. Deborah Kagan. What exactly does that mean you may be asking? Deborah explains the mission like this:

“As a woman who lost her mojo and gained it back, I am on a mission to help other women do the same. Today, I am a successful entrepreneur, have a delicious relationship with the love of my life and have an enthusiasm for living that’s unparalleled. Those three things (the money, the honey and the vibrancy)—that’s my dream for you.”

it's your turnNot only did Deborah share her unique journey with attendees, but she also gave them a plethora of tools to start living their most “mojolicious life.” In addition, she brought in several speakers that complemented her wealth of knowledge.


First up was Krisha Young, a “delicious life strategist and sabotage slayer” helping high-achieving women take back control of how they look and feel so that they can have the confidence and energy to go after what they truly want. For more information about this amazing entrepreneur who has walked the walk, check out here website here.

theresa de vera

Next, attendees heard the inspirational story of Ms. Theresa De Vera, a disability rights advocate and the current President of the Commission on Disability for the City of Los Angeles. Her unbelievable story is extremely motivating as she reminds us that no matter what our circumstances are, we can always take a stand and make a difference. For more information on this extraordinary woman, please check out this article featured on NBC News.

laurie B

Sunday morning, after Deborah kicked things off with another impactful morning session, we heard from LA Times & CBS Best of LA Personal Stylist, Laurie Brucker. From her website, “Laurie brings realistic and attainable style advice that she uses to create possibility and empowerment, and to promote personal growth and achievement.” Click here for more information on one of the most desired and decorated stylists around LA.

matt brauning

That afternoon we got to hear from Matt Brauning, a master NLP trainer (neuro-linguistic programming) who speaks all over the world teaching people how to re-wire their brains. While Matt only took the stage for a short time, his impact was huge due to the way he relates to the audience and speaks from the heart. For more information on him and his many endeavors, please check out his website.

dr. amadi

Finally, rounding out the weekend, attendees were enlightened by Dr. Hepsharat Amadi, a renowned physician practicing holistic healthcare. Dr. Amadi believes in preventative care for women focusing on hormonal balance and has a wealth of knowledge in homeopathic practices and remedies. Cancer is big business so pharmaceutical companies don’t necessarily want you to know that there are many things you can do to prevent hormone-based cancers. Do yourself a favor and check out her website for more information.

long story short

Not only was I honored to work with such an amazing group of people, but I also took away many lessons from the vast amount of knowledge that was dropped over the course of the three days. What resonated most with me is to not get too far ahead of ourselves. It’s great to have big goals, but the most important thing to do is just to take the next available step, even if you don’t know what comes after that. The universe will!


From the Rock Your Mojo Women’s Weekend website:

“Women see themselves most clearly in the reflection of other women.

From the beginning of time, women gathered in circle.
To reflect. To learn. To see themselves more clearly.
They came to share stories, traditions, advice and secrets related to the feminine arts.

Rock Your Mojo Women’s Weekend brings the circle back.”

For more information about the next RYMWW, click here.

chakaTheme song of the weekend, Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman.”



Author: Bianchi Productions

Bianchi Productions is a boutique event planning company run by Founder and Producer Mandy Bianchi. Our mission is to spread love, light and positivity by creating memorable and meaningful events. To learn more about Bianchi Productions, please visit our website:

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